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The Design Process - Architectural Plans

Everything Else...

How it works (the short version)

We meet...I listen...we problem solve.

It's called Programming.  Be it home or business, I meet with you on site, and we go through your list of concerns and expectations.  I ask a lot of questions and we decide to work together.

I record what is there and I process.

I record all existing conditions, measure and take pictures.  If it's new construction or a change of use alteration, I do a zoning study and a code study to see what steps it will take to build what you want on the site.

We make some initial plans...try some designs on for size.

This is the Schematic Design Phase. I draw designs; you get to see your expectations begin to take form.  I draw in a number of computer drawing programs to help you understand the "mass" of your project and the shape of the building, as well as the orientation and scale of rooms.  We try out some exterior looks , as well.  This is all to establish a design direction.

We massage the plan. 

After landing on a design direction we start to flesh out that design to give it detail and understanding. This is the Design Development Phase.  We will get the design pinned down, figure out the structure, consult with the contractor (if pre-selected), energy consultant, and whoever else is on the team.

We finalize the plans.

This is where we develop a plan set which is submitted for construction bidding and building permits. These are a part of the construction documents from which the building, alteration or addition is constructed.  Here is the start of seeing your vision come to life, at least on paper.

We go to bid the plans

Some clients competitive bid plans and some have picked out a builder previous to this point.  We discuss the advantages of either in our first meeting.  Regardless of the approach, this is the time when we get solid pricing.  

And now we build

It's really the contractor's show now, but I am still hanging around to answer questions or figure out solutions when there is an unknown condition.  I check up on things to make sure everything is moving along. I want to make sure your wishes are carried through until the end.

I am not limited to designing full scale plans.  Other services:

  • I will help you with your interior design needs for an hourly rate of $75 (a minimum number of hours apply)
  • I have a $350 Color Consultation service where I come to your home or office to select paint colors and help with furniture arrangement, limited to 3.5 hours of work, but this is often enough for you to have a plan.
  • I will architecturally consult for an hourly fee of $90 (a minimum number of hours apply)